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Target Caloric Intake Calculator

Use this calculator to find the total amount of calories needed per day. Simply input your weight and your percent of body fat and hit the "Calculate" button.

Your Weight:
x Your % Body Fat:
= Lbs. of Fat
Your Weight:
- Your Lbs. of Fat:
= Lbs. of Lean Mass
Lbs. of Lean Muscle Mass:
x 13
= Total Amount Of Calories Needed/Day
    (This formula is for maintainance; subtract 200 calories for weight loss)

40-40-20 Plan Calculator

After using the Target Caloric Intake Calculator above, use this 40-40-20 Plan Calculator by entering your Caloric Intake and clicking Calculate. You can then see what you should be consuming each day for Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.

Your Caloric Intake:  
Carbohydrates: calories or grams  
Proteins: calories or grams  
Fats: calories or grams  

Maximum Heart Rate and Target Zone estimator

This calculator will tell you what your Maximum Heart Rate should be during a workout.

Your Age:   Your Weight: Male  Female
Your Maximum Heart Rate Estimate:  
Heart zones, expressed as a percentage of your Maximum heart rate, reflect exercise intensity and the resulting benefit.
Zone 1, 50% Max Heart Rate:    
Zone 2, 60% Max Heart Rate:    
Zone 3, 70% Max Heart Rate:    
Zone 4, 80% Max Heart Rate:    
Zone 5, 90% Max Heart Rate:    
Zone 6, 100% Max Heart Rate: