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Member Testimonials

"As a former professional athlete and Olympic Trials competitor, I have trained for and competed in athletics for over 30 years. I have been to hundreds of gyms and worked out with at least as many trainers and coaches in that time. Hands down, Fitness Link is AMAZING. The owner and trainers are exceptional motivators, the equipment is top notch, and the atmosphere they have created is both exciting and embracing. They cultivate a sense of community and family while helping you get the most out of every minute you are there. It is obvious to me that these individuals are truly passionate about teaching fitness and invest time and attention in every individual who walks in that door. If you are looking to get started for the first time (perhaps the first time in a long time)… or if you are looking to take your workout regimen to the next level, I highly recommend Fitness Link for all your fitness needs."

-Olympic Competitor, Kiza Brunner

"This is an amazing training center where you will obtain results and have tons of fun getting them. Come and join us. You won't regret it :) "

-Mara Solano

"There is no one better at motivating a person to achieve the highest levels of fitness and wellness than Jacqui Snyder."

-Randy Rogers

"WOWWWW!!!! What a great week of workouts I had. Three awesome, killer sessions. Loved the way they all varied and hit every muscle in the body...And I can tell you I feel each of those muscles! Your gym ROCKS, Jacqui. What a niche you have found. Anyone who isn't working out with you and your staff is missing the health boat. Looking forward to next week and some more sweat. So glad I found you...or maybe that you found me."


What got you motivated to change your life?

"As I approached 36 years old, I wanted to improve my health and avoid future health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. The more classes I attended at the Fitness Link, the better I felt. I began to enjoy exercising more. I would make myself go even when I felt completely drained because I knew doing something was better than doing nothing. This led to motivate a change in my diet. The best thing is that I have become a good example for my kids and they even eat spinach with some string cheese and salsa!"

What do you like about the Fitness Link?

"It’s like a family. It provides a unique and positive atmosphere. At some point I realized that feeling good and changing habits can be fun. I started Jacqui’s nutrition program and found great success. I realized that it is not as challenging as I thought to shop inexpensively and eat healthy. The food plan was easy for me to follow; I just picked my favorite healthy foods and try to only buy those. The best part is that the PTC workouts and friends continue to provide excellent support."

-Anonymous Member

What is the greatest achievement? How did the FItness Link help you?

"In the last six months I have lost close to 20% body fat and dropped a total of 60 pounds. With In-Body, I witnessed how much muscle I had gained and how much fat I had lost. A normal scale does not display all the details. You can’t gauge success with only knowing total bodyweight. My current goal is to continue to lose fat (especially around my waist)."

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